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“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.”

Ani DiFranco

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A little about ourselves

We are Ana, Bec & Ysee - 3 mamas with a collective interest in all things birthy!

Ana & Bec bonded over a common love of the natural life, natural parenting and knowing that our bodies are capable of the most remarkable things, and with this sentiment in mind, we have combined our experience and education to offer Placenta Encapsulation services to women of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas. We have now expanded to the Mid North Coast/Port Macquarie areas as well. Ysee is Ana's sister in law and joined our collective after the birth of her first son, having experienced the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation first hand. Ysee is originally from France and fluent in both French & English.

We hold Certificates in Food Handling Preparation and also in Bloodbourne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators. We are currently undertaking the APPA Internationally Accredited Course for Placenta Encapsulators and are registered on the Placenta Services Australia website http://www.placentaservices.com.au/

Having enjoyed an easy and calm postpartum period with the birth of our children, which we have each attributed greatly to the use of our placenta capsules, we decided to expand what was a once a hobby into an opportunity to allow other mothers this same incredible experience.


The Art of Placentophagy...

Placental encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed and/or dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills for consumption by the mother to impart a variety of health benefits. It contains iron, protein, stem cells, and is rich in vitamin B6

There are 2 methods most commonly used when encapsulating a placenta.

Firstly there is the method where by the placenta is dehydrated, ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules ready for consumption. This is the preferred method used by

The Oxytocin Collective due to it's high level of potency.

Secondly, there is the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) which involves first steaming the placenta, sometimes with medicinal herbs, before then dehydrating it. This will give a lower yield of capsules at completion and have slightly less potency.


Placentas are prepared in a sterile environment and we will never process more than one placenta at any one time, so there is no risk of mix up or cross contamination.


Placenta Encapsulation can be practiced after both vaginal and caesarean births.


We are flexible to your needs and happy to work with you regarding any special requests. Some mothers like to keep a piece of their placenta to bury under a special tree, some ask for a few pieces to be chopped into small pieces for inclusion into a mood-boosting smoothie and some ask us to make a tincture for them as well.

We are happy to discuss what will be the best options for you and your family.

Reports from mothers include:

♁ Helping to balance your hormones

♁ Replenishing depleted iron levels

♁ Assisting the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state

♁ Reducing post-natal bleeding

♁ Increasing milk production – this has been proven in a study

♁ Making for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period

♁ Increasing your energy levels

Due to the nature of the process of encapsulation, we are limited in the number of clients we can take on each month. To avoid disappointment we encourage parents to contact us via email, facebook or our book online tab with their estimated due date as soon as possible to ensure their position for that month.


Embrace that Oxytocin!


Our Packages

"Chilli" Bundle

For the Raw Mama

♁ Pick up & drop off  **

♁ Encapsulation of placenta 

♁ Placenta powder (no capsules) 

   for consumption in a smoothie 

♁ Umbi cord trinket/keepsake

♁ Placenta print (when possible)



"Nate" Bundle

Our Deluxe Package

♁ Pick up & drop off **

♁ Encapsulation of placenta with

   subsequent capsules

♁ Umbi cord trinket/keepsake

♁ Placenta print (when possible)

♁ Placenta based tincture

   (this will be dropped off after

    6 weeks)




"Ruby" Bundle

Our most popular package

♁ Pick up & drop off **

♁ Encapsulation of placenta with

   subsequent capsules

♁ Umbi cord trinket/keepsake

♁ Placenta print (when possible)


"Max" Bundle

For the mama who wants it all

♁ Pick up & drop off **

♁ Placenta Smoothie with fruit, 

   manuka honey, flaxseed & 

   mother's choice of milk

♁ Encapsulation of placenta with

   subsequent capsules

♁ Umbi cord trinket/keepsake

♁ Placenta print (when possible)

♁ Placenta based tincture

   (this will be dropped off after

    6 weeks)

(*smoothie currently only available for home births unless discussed)



"Moondani" Bundle

For the Babywearing mama

♁ Pick up & drop off **

♁ Encapsulation of placenta with

   subsequent capsules

♁ Umbi cord trinket/keepsake

♁ Placenta print (when possible)

♁ Ring Sling baby carrier

   (select designs)


** Pick up/drop off from local hospitals and area.

Please check with your Specialist if there is a travel fee

Optional extras

Placenta Smoothie

The placenta can often be at it's most beneficial shortly after birth. A placenta smoothie may assist with reducing postpartum bleeding and off-setting the 'baby blues' and can be made on pick up of your placenta for immediate consumption (according to place of birth policy).

We will prepare a smoothie of fresh fruit, Manuka honey, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed (for milk production) and a small piece of your placenta.

There is usually no taste any different to a regular Fruit Smoothie.

**currently only available for

home births**



Flavoured Capsules

Worried about the potential for a taste to your placenta capsules?

Or would you prefer not to be able to see the magical powder inside?

Well here is your solution!

Add flavoured capsules to your order for a small additional cost.


Flavours subject to availability

Please contact us for more info


Coloured print

You would like a unique keepsake from your placenta ?

We have got you covered with our tree of life coloured print !

Our coloured prints reflect the natural colours of a tree as standard, however we can  work with you if you have any special colour requests



~Gift Voucher~

For that Special Mum to Be

It can be so hard to choose that perfect Baby Shower gift -

especially if Mum has already bought everything she thinks she needs!
This is a great option for a group of friends to all collaborate and get Mum

something that will truly make her feel like the superwoman she is :)
Get in touch via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page,

and we can assist in choosing a package to best suit each individual Mama.



Any questions?
We'd love to hear from you!

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Servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Mid-North Coast
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